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Ruth Agnes Reid Miller

(I have several pictures/stories of ancestors of the Young/Miller family, and thought this would be a good place to share them, so everyone can have copies. I started with Ruth Agnes Reid Miller, Grandma Veda's mother. If there are any pictures I tagged incorrectly (or not at all), please correct me in the comments section and I'll fix it in the post.)

Ruth Agnes Reid was born to Albert Agustus Reid and Mary Dorthea Kocherhans. She was one of ten children, five girls and five boys. She grew up in a home surrounded by lots of family and cousins.

Agnes, as she was called, had a fun sense of humor, she loved to have fun. As a teenager, she worked in the Blue Pine Hotel. One day as she was hosing off the porch, someone told her that she shouldn’t be using all that water and as he started towards her she laughed and sprayed him with the water.

Agnes was dating Rudolph Church when she started dating James Lazell Miller. They were married on March 1, 1916 in the Salt Lake City temple.

James Lazell Miller and Ruth Agnes Reid Miller

Five children were born to the Miller family; Reid J. on December 1, 1916, Dorothy on April 9, 1918, Veda on January 20, 1921, Daniel L. on February 29, 1923 and James Nyal on February 10, 1926.

Ruth Agnes & baby Dorothy

Agnes' children: Dorothy, Reid, Veda, Nyal, and Dan

The family home was always open to friends and many parties held. In the summers there was always a houseful of cousins from California and Idaho. Because Jim was often gone to the sheep herd, Agnes would pack a picnic and take the children to the mountains to have lunch with him.

Ruth with Veda (middle) and friend and Dan?

Agnes was a very hard worker and took pride in her work and taught her children the same. They learned at a young age how to keep house and cook. One time when Agnes was very ill, they hired a girl to help out in the home. It was soon discovered that this girl knew little about how to keep house and cook. Agnes would have her bring the bread to her bed to mix it. After that experience she was determined her girls would know how to mix bread and do other housekeeping chores. She was an excellent seamstress and could get a dress out of minimal scraps. She had to manage on her own and many times do a man’s work. They had large gardens and she had to do all the irrigating and harvesting of the gardens. She bottled the harvest and dried corn and apples.

Agnes was very frugal and didn’t like to waste anything. One day she was baking bread and left Veda to take the bread out of the oven while she rushed to help someone. As Veda, who was a very young girl still, struggled to lift the bread out of the oven, she dropped it and ruined the batch. That was the only time she remembers her mother getting cross with her.

Agnes was active in church and held callings in Primary and Relief Society. She served in the Presidency of the Relief Society and was very charitable. Agnes was good to her extended family. She walked every day to her mother’s home to visit. She was very good to her mother. She was first to attend the sick and grieving and to help when anyone had deaths in their families.

Agnes, Veda, and Dorothy

When they built their beautiful new home, Agnes worked hard and saved to make her new home lovely. It was well kept and cared for. After all her efforts, she only lived in it nine short years before her death.

Agnes was 40 when she was expecting her sixth child. During her pregnancy, she had her teeth pulled and dentures made. She also sprained her ankle one day while making soap and carrying a large tub. On November 9, 1935, Agnes died during childbirth. The baby was stillborn and was buried beside her. Her funeral was one of the largest ever held in Panguitch. She was loved by many and the floral gifts were abundant. From the tributes given her, it was clear that Ruth Agnes was a very special person. The Miller family was terribly saddened by her death and Jim never wavered in his devotion to her.


Agnes' children: Reid, Dorothy, Dan, Veda, and Nyal

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Veda and Dorothy

This isn't a cabin picture, but I found this while looking through old pictures and thought I would share. This is Thanksgiving 2006, in Logandale, NV. Grandma Veda and Aunt Dorothy spent the time together while we were with my dad's side of the family.

I can almost guarantee that Grandma had a tissue in her hand, as she always did. She would always tuck them in her sleeves (short sleeves too). We always said if we couldn't find Grandma, to follow the tissues.

They look beautiful, right?

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Dana Reunion 2010 part 1

Every reunion has to begin with a good card game. Panguitch Rummy! What is Aaron eating?

Its a real great Uncle who will take you fishing...Seth and Allen
2600 sheep came to visit...too exciting!
I tried to organize this post but here is one of our marshmallow roasts with Jeff in charge.

Tanner enjoying!

Aaron whittled but don't think we ever figured out what it was that he made.

Ellie and Dana posing, future super models for sure.
We must be saying goodbye cause Kate looks ready to cry. She is our tender heart, doesn't like leaving.
Light sabers, fun for the boys.
I think this is the only picture I have of Jessica
Dionne and girls with cute hairdos
Dionne is our craft woman. We made stamped washer necklaces, dog tags and dutch oven tags.

Jeff and Chase at the lake
Ruth, Tanner, Megan and Jessica sitting on the dam. When I was there a month earlier, the water was pouring over the top.
Colin with a perfect roast.
Caught a tiny chipmunk. Who let it go?

Kate, Dennis and Ellie
Chase Allen and Paige

Dana Reunion 2010

So I guess I exceeded the amount of pictures I can post and how did I underline all the text? I am still learning. So on Tuesday, I had arranged with Lance to bring up a horse for the kids to ride. What a man he is. We all thought he was just like Uncle Reid, loving and kind. After all the kids had ridden Kate still was not going to ride. With Jeff forcing her and lifting her up to Lance she was finally in the saddle but still not too happy. How did we go from that to her wanting him to come back the next day? Love that she wanted to do it again.

Our favorite meal is always the dutch oven dinner prepared by Dennis and of course the kids love the fire and roasting marshmellos an making smores.

Dana decided she had eaten enough and began to play with hers. The result!

Boys love to shoot. Here they are using bb guns and then they went up the canyon to use the big guns.

The trip to Henrie's drivein is always a must. We won't show what everyone ate!1
For our reunion tshirts this year we spray dyed and had a great time being creative.

Courtney and Ruth. Just relaxing..... and so is Allen......Allen.....?

Gotta have a dog to love. Funny but Chase was way afraid of Sunny the whole time.